Staff Supplementation

The managers at every Engineering and IT department are very often forced to have unplanned requirements for human resources. Also, there are additional tasks and projects which come up on a regular basis, which often don’t come with an increase in staff. When an Engineering and/or IT department needs additional human resources, Maple Tech is there to provide exactly the staff members required within a very short period of time.
Over a period of past 30 years, the founders of Maple Tech have established a vast network of technical consultants and strategic partnerships to support the current technology skillsets. We provide to our clients the contracted employees, contract to hire consultants and we also assist our clients in permanent and temporary employee search and placement services.

Maple Tech Staffing Process, which our founders have used very successfully since 1985 is as follows: 

Applicant Search:

  • Requirement Verification: Maple tech's staffing process begins when our dedicated Account executive receives a  job requisition to from our client. Our HR personnel qualifies the job requisition—to ensure that the job description is complete, accurate and has a valid start date, and then records this request into Maple Tech's Web-based recruitment system.  This system automatically transfers  the job requirement to leading job boards for public publication. In addition to this advertising, we post all jobs on our own Career Portal and other formal cum informal channels of extensive network of personal referrals built over past 20 years. Quite often, we find qualified candidates among many former Maple Tech employees and contractors and other registered job seekers from our active potential job applicant database.
  • Application Processing: Maple Tech's recruitment and tracking system accepts online, mailed and emailed applications. The system matches candidates with specific interests, skillsets and capabilities to specific jobs using our proprietary matching checklists and then alerts our recruitment professionals of these  prospective matches. The recruitment team then perform a careful manual review of the resumes of prospective matches and produce a short list of potential applicants for the required position. 

Formal Applicant List:

  • Screening Calls: If an applicant is found initially qualified for a particular position, Maple Tech recruitment specialist along with the account executive will conduct the screening call and ask follow-up questions regarding the candidate's background, current position, their compensation expectation and availability time frame.
  • Skills Assessment: Candidates who pass the initial screening then take a technical skills assessment test. Depending on the skill area, the evaluation is conducted over the phone by a technical expert, or through a Web-based assessment test. At 0ur client's option, the technical expert may be an internal Maple Tech employee (potential colleague) or a Maple Tech's  consultant currently working with the client at the job site.
  • Background Check: Our HR department then performs an exhaustive background check of the short listed candidates which includes written or oral communication with the applicants  provided references .

Applicant Selection:

  • Application Delivery: After the successful completion of our selection process, HR department of Maple Tech processes a memorandum of understanding with the applicant regarding the availability, the  compensation and the type of engagement, and then hands over the applicant's application documents to our client's account executive for a formal presentation of the applicant(s) to our client. 
  • Interview(s): Our recommended applicants are available for telephone, skype, video and/or face to face interviews. If our client wishes to interview a particular candidate in person, we will schedule a meeting time and deliver the candidate to our client at the appointed time. There is no obligation on the part of client to hire or make any financial compensation for the expenses.
  • Offer: If any of our proposed applicants is selected by the client and the client confirms to us the decision to retain the services of the said applicant, Maple Tech, then proceeds to complete the required contracts and other associated paperwork with the consultant. Our HR personnel stays committed to ensure that the consultant starts the assignment as agreed by all parties.

 Maple Tech Guarantee:

  • Our service guarantee stipulates that our client may request replacement of a Maple Tech supplied consultant for any reason during the first two (2) contract weeks. Maple Tech will replace the consultant in a most expeditious manner and will not charge the client for the time the replaced consultant had spent prior to the replacement.

Ongoing Services:

  • Throughout the length of our business relationship with our clients, Maple Tech assigns a dedicated Maple Tech account executive to handle all administrative tasks and serve as a "go to person" for all customer service functions. This enables our consultants to focus on what they do best - your project at hand. This strategy assures our clients a very superior return on their investment

If you wish to arrange a consultation with a Maple Tech staff  supplementation professional today or  contact our staffing solutions team, please fill out our Contact form above and a professional from our staffing solutions team will get back to you within two business days.