• American Red Cross, MI, USA

    "Maple Tech is one of the most professional IT infrastructure Service Desk team I have dealt with during recent years. What we love most about Maple Tech is their friendly professional team who is always ready to support our worldwide American Red Cross service Centers."

    James LeBlanc - Director of IT operations
  • Ingersoll Rand, MI USA

    “Working with Raj (Kapoor) was an educational and invigorating experience. His combined knowledge of the manufacturing, Job Shop Mgmt Software and Oracle database on HP9000 was exactly what we were looking for, but was very hard to find. He never made us feel intimidated or that our ideas were not good enough. Our IT team enjoyed working with him. Raj really went above and beyond my expectations.”

    Dave Moore, Manager IT Projects- Ingersoll Rand, Mi, USA
  • Interlock Terminals, MI, USA

    “We rely on Maple Tech Systems for all our HP ERP software issues and work very closely with them with all our MRP tasks. Also, Maple tech  has given us year after year extraordinary IT support.”

    Bill Walsh, CFO - Interlock Terminals, Westland, MI, USA
  • •Republic Mort Insur Corp, NC

    “Mike and his team not only delighted us with their professionalism, creativity and the quality of their work, but just as importantly, they were extremely responsive to all of our project requirements which at times changed on a daily basis.”

    Dave Delcamp, Director - Republic Mortgage Insurance Corp
  • Campbell Corporation, UK

    “ The Technical team at PegaSync understood our requirements clearly and translated them into the Custom CMS which was just right for us to cut down on cost and deliver whatever we were looking for within the required timeframe.”

    Dr Mukesh D, CEO - Campbell Corporation, UK
  • Greenbacktaxservices.com UK

    “ I am happy to see all the aspects of the project have been finished and done quite well.I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who have been involved in finishing the project with extreme professionalism.I am very much happy in doing business with your company and willing to do again in the near future.”

    David and Carrie -Partners-Greenbacktaxservices.com, UK
  • scentomania.com, NJ, USA

    “ Great work!!! Our company Logo and Website layout came out much BETTER than we had expected.The work was completed quickly!!!”

    Dinesh, CEO - scentomania.com, NJ, USA
  • Blind Care Foundation, USA

    “ I am not an easy client and Maple Tech ( PegaSync ) team went above and beyond to accommodate endless changes to our fund raising IT project. Thanks Brad and Chris.”

    Shobha Bhasker, Director - Blind Care Foundation, Michigan USA
  • DepascalChristina USA

    “ Thanks Sridhar and his team at Maple Tech Systems ( PegaSync ), which has executed the best development and integration and also built for our organization an iphone App.”

    Michael Rotkin, CEO - Universityloveconnection.com