IBM Research & MIT Collaborate to Advance Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World Audio-Visual Comprehension Technologies

brain and cognitive sciences
Cross-disciplinary research approach will use insights from brain and cognitive science to advance ma-chine understanding. YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. - 20 Sep 2016: IBM Research today announced a multi-year collaboration with the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT to advance the scientific field of machine vision, a core aspect of artificial intelligence. The new IBM-MIT Laboratory for Brain-inspired Multimedia Machine Comprehension’s (BM3C) goal will be to develop cognitive computing systems

Oracle's Cloud Makeover Accelerating, But Fiscal Q1 Results Miss

oracle on 09/16/2016
(Reprinted). posted by: REINHARDT KRAUSE IBD -Sept.16,2016 Oracle's makeover is progressing, but more bumps in the road may lie ahead. The longtime database software leader is transitioning from selling on-premise, licensed software to "cloud computing" -- selling subscriptions to software delivered as a service via the internet.