Business Analytics

Business Analytics provides your organization’s decision-makers with powerful tools for analyzing and reporting on data sets integrated from heterogeneous systems. It provides them with the capability to drill down into vital financial, product, customer, sales and supply chain information to make and support both tactical and strategic business and product development decisions.

Maple Tech is one of the leading providers of end to end Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and analytics. Our Business Analytics team is focused on bringing our clients solutions to better manage their  business, interact with partners, suppliers and clients and make superior product innovation, product development,  financial, strategic and operational decisions.

Our team follows methodologies that are sound, ethical and are based on our experience in this domain since 1980. We offer reduced Total Cost of Ownership, a Global Delivery Model. state of the art technology and a large knowledge base developed through our various business analytics engagements across the globe.

Our Business Analytics team  has In-depth experience in business analytics tools from leading market players like IBM, Oracle, Business Objects, Informatica, COGNOS and Siemens.

Maple Tech has strategic association with leading technology companies in this domain and this alliance assures our world-wide clients of cutting-edge solutions.

 Our Key Partners are:

  • Oracle/Hyperion
  • Siemens - Teamcenter

Our Business Analytics team follows our unique analytics project development process that includes critical phases like Envision, Discover, Architect, Construct, Validate, Deploy, and Production Support. Maple Tech adopts an Iterative Warehouse Development Strategy that will enable active participation of potential data warehouse users resulting in real, immediate and high profile benefits, higher Return on Investment, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

Maple Tech's cutting edge business analytics services deliver high quality, scalable solutions while leveraging offshore teams to optimize client value. We design, construct and implement a complete BI/DW solution. The service delivery begins with a requirement analysis phase and completes with the implementation of the BI/DW solution as per the requirements. The services can be configured to deliver a specific component, such as Data Modeling, ETL, Data Mart building

Key services offered include:

  • Readiness Assessment
  • BI Tools & Processes Standardization
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Metadata Management
  • BI Architecture Design
  • Modular and Total DW implementation
  • Data Modeling and Data Presentation
  • BI Process Security
  • Training and Development
  • Staffing  

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