Corporate Citizenship

In addition to providing the obvious benefit of growth with sustainable profits, MapleTech seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of society. To this end, we listen carefully to the wide variety of our stakeholders, working with them as we pursue activities that meet society’s needs.

MapleTech’s CSR Vision

Guided by the corporate vision of Touching People’s Lives, MapleTech seeks to contribute to sustainable social development through all its global activities. Our mission is to provide unique and innovative digital  IT services that deliver superior values to all stakeholders.

As a leading global  IT Services company, we also view it as our mission to contribute solutions to the issues facing humanity. We are committed to all of our stakeholders-including customers, shareholders, employees and the communities where we do business-to deliver engaging, valuable and sustainable mobility for all. Through our business activities, we aim to create economic value and to actively contribute toward the development of a sustainable society.

Our Corporate Vision

Touch as many People’s Lives as possible and make their lives better.

Our CSR Vision

To be one of the leading sustainable companies in the industry


A Partial List of Organizations sponsored by MapleTech


MapleTech sponsors a network of more than 35 organizations worldwide who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives around the world. These organization , the best of the breed, reflect our energy and enthusiasm in championing for Equity and Inclusion at Home, School and Workplace.